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  • Great-Tasting Non GMO Dark Italian Roast Coffee

    You’ll love the taste from the very first cup. Our coffee is wild crafted, meaning it isn’t exposed to herbicides or pesticides. In addition, it is non GMO so you’ll feel safe knowing you’re getting the healthiest bean possible.

  • The world's first weight loss coffee

    Featuring 2 clinically proven ingredients, managing your weight loss has never been easier. This isn’t really a diet at all. Drinking a cup of Lean Java Bean coffee daily helps manage your weight effectively, helps curb your appetite and increases your energy safely.

  • Here are just some of the benefits of Lean Java Bean:

    • Regulate your appetite
    • Regulate blood sugar
    • Regulate fat absorption
    • Improve energy levels
    • Improve focus

I've tried diets and I've tried exercise, but nothing has worked as well as this. I lost 13.8 pounds in just 8 weeks. No gym, no silly diets and no hassle. I love this stuff!

Steve Norris Steve Norris
Portland, OR

After 8 weeks my clothes are falling off.  I worked in a weight loss clinic for 4 yrs. This product is the truth.

Felicia V.

Posted on June 3rd: "I am soooo excited to be able to fit into these shorts and they are getting loose in the belly!!!! I have lost from 257-233lb since January 13th!!!!"

Krisgina F. Krisgina F.

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