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Weight Training for Weight Loss 06/10/2017

I started a new weight training program on May 28th.

I had done a little weight training in order to improve my weight loss results and get me further down the road of Finally Getting Fit. That was mostly improvised using the little I knew when I started.

Once I decided to get more serious, I searched out information about the combination of building muscle and losing weight at the same time.

It seems the consensus is that is really hard to do, since it is difficult to build muscle while maintaining the calorie deficit required to lose weight.

Weight training for weight lossGoals and priorities

At this stage, for me, getting my body fat percentage to about 16% is a higher priority than building a large amount of muscle mass. Given that I’m almost 60, muscle mass will be hard enough to come by without adding the complexity of trying to reduce fat at the same time.

That said, I am convinced that strength training will help a great deal in my quest for 16%. Strength training builds metabolism, which makes your resting calorie burn higher. Increasing metabolism while maintain a calorie deficit means improved fat loss.

While I do have a goal weight in mind, it really is just an estimate. My actual goal is to achieve 16% or less in body fat. When I do that, I will be at a good weight number, whatever that is. I anticipate actually gaining some weight back as I continue to build muscle further down the road, so I don’t want to get caught up in a weight number. Being strong and fit, with a low body fat percent is the goal.

Work out program

As a rank beginner, I’m starting with the Strong Lift 5×5 program. It focuses on a few core strength building exercises using heavier weight and lower reps. I’ll talk more about why I’m following that methodology in the future, but for now it’s enough to say I believe it is the best course to strength gains and fat loss.

Something I like about the program for a beginner is that it starts with very light weights and moves up incrementally. Programs that have you start¬†lifting at 80% (or more) of you 1 rep max fail to take into consideration that, particularly for someone who hasn’t lifted in many, many years, that the connective tissues need to adapt to the new load. Tendons and ligaments need to be worked to prepare for the heavier loads your muscles might accommodate, but your connective tissues do¬†not.

I’ve put off getting into shape for this long; I don’t need to injure myself early in the game because I pushed harder than all of me is ready to be pushed.

So here is my routine for yesterday:

Exercise Weight Sets Reps
Squat 75 5 5
Bench Press 65 5 5
Barbell Row 75 5 5

My weight today is 192; still stuck on the plateau. I’m going to start measuring body fat soon and will add that to these entries as I go.

Of course, I’m still using Lean Java Bean coffee to help me with my eating program. It helps me keep my appetite in check, burns fat and blocks carbs, all while helping me feel great. If you want to try some for yourself, CLICK HERE for a sample.