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6 Great Ways to Earn Income From Home in 2021

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6 Great Ways to Earn Income From Home in 2021

Whether you want to replace your job so you have more freedom or you just want a little extra to make life more financially comfortable, you’re looking for a genuine way to earn income from home. This article lists 6 great ways that you can earn some extra money and maybe even enough to work full-time from home.

1. Customer Service Support

With the increase of online shopping over the last several years, and especially since 2020, many companies have needed to increase their online and/or telephone customer support services. Rather than building out their own customer service call centers, several of them have opted to source that work out to third parties. This is where comes in. provides customer service support workers to a wide variety of major companies using home based independent contractors. You can register with and work from home for companies such as Intuit, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Carnival Cruise Lines and more.

Once you’re registered as a Service Partner, you’ll be able to browse through their Opportunity Announcements to see which companies are looking for workers. You’ll be able to take certification classes to thoroughly teach you all aspects of the job for that particular company. There is a charge for these classes, ranging from $99 to $250 and it takes between 10 days and 8 weeks to complete the certification, depending on the knowledge needed to perform the job.

2. Deliver for Door Dash, Postmates or Instacart

2020 put a damper on some gig work like Uber or Lyft but it brought a huge increase in demand for home deliveries. This makes running deliveries for Door Dash, Postmates, Uber Eats or Instacart great opportunities to earn extra money.

If you have a reliable mode of transportation (bikes and scooters are OK in some cities) and a clean driving record, you can make up to $25 per hour delivering. You’ll pick up orders at restaurants or in the case of Instacart, shop for them in stores and deliver them to customers’ homes.

These gigs are completely time flexible, as you simply log on to the company’s app when you want to work and log off when you’re not available. Since you’re not putting riders in your vehicle, age restrictions on vehicles are much more relaxed and you don’t need to worry about the potential liability problems with carrying people in your car.

3. Manage Social Media Accounts

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Right now, in your town there are lots of small businesses that want to grow their online presence. The problem for them is they are already investing all of there time doing other things and don’t have the time or the skill to manage their business social media accounts.

Their social media accounts sit unattended, providing little benefit for the business. Someone who could come in to manage those accounts and keep them relevant and updated would be a valuable service. That creates an opportunity for you to start a home business.

If you know your way around social media, this could be an opportunity for you to earn income from home on a consistent basis.

The most commonly used platforms used by small businesses to reach their customers include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Pick a business type that you know something about. Look up local business in your area and go through their social media accounts as if you were a customer. Look for ways you can improve on how the business is using their social media to engage and interact with their customers.

When you have some ideas, reach out to the owner of the business and set up a meeting. At this meeting, go over your suggestions for how they can better use their social media accounts and offer to make those changes and run their social media for them.

If you need to increase your skills before you venture into this area, there are an abundance of courses available that can help you with this. This article lists several that are worth looking into.

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4. Flip Products on Ebay

If you like to shop, this could be a huge win for you. You can buy clearance items from major retailers, look for bargains at thrift stores or even shop garage sales for great finds and flip/ resell those items on Ebay. When you’re looking at items to potentially sell, search the item on Ebay and set the filter to “sold” This will give you a list of successful sales of the item you’re looking at, letting you know if you can sell it profitably or not.

Once you have your items, list them for sale. Take lots of good pictures of the item so your potential shoppers can get a clear view of the item. Write a detailed description, providing as much information as possible that a potential buyer might want to know. Once you have sale, make sure you ship promptly so that you get a positive reiew from your buyer. This will help you with other listings down the road.

Creating home based income by flipping items on Ebay will take some money out of pocket to get your initial inventory and you’ll need to develop knowledge of the resale value of the kind of items you’ll specialize in. But once you develop some skills, you can scale this as large as you like. There are a lot of people earning six figures per year flipping items on Ebay. Why not you?

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is selling products you don’t own or create on behalf of someone else. When you make the sale, you get a commission. You can find products to sell as an affiliate in just about any niche you can think of. If you’re into golf, there’s an affiliate program. Fitness? An affiliate program. Electronics, fashion, makeup, nutrition, you name it.

Your job as an affiliate is to drive traffic to your affiliate links in order to generate sales. You can do this through social media, advertising or blogging. It’s best to pick a niche that you enjoy yourself. If you’re going to invest time to market products doing so with products you love makes work much more fun.

Ideally, as an affiliate, you’ll generate leads for yourself which you will move to your own email list. This will give you an ongoing group of people to whom you can market and promote additional offers, rather than just a one time sale.

Once you have this process in place, you can work for a few hours or less per day and still make a good income from home. Your primary job will be to add people to your list and send out marketing emails to the list.

When I was getting started with affiliate marketing, I found a book that was a huge help. It showed me a simple plan that I could copy, using a system that was already done for me and in place. It got me started quickly and helped me get into profit fast. And I run the whole thing in less than an hour a day. You can download a copy of The 30 Minute Escape Plan here.

6. Network Marketing

Network marketing is affiliate marketing on steroids. It takes the best of affiliate marketing in that you don’t need to do product creation or formulation, no inventory, no R&D, you just find customers and get paid.

In addition to that, you’ll have the ability to enroll other people who also want to make some extra money from home. You’ll help them get started, train them how to build a business and earn commissions on their sales as well. The exciting thing about network marketing companies can pay on 3, 4 and more levels of sales reps, which can potentially earn you a large monthly check.

As with affiliate marketing, there is a huge variety of companies, products and niches to select. Whatever you like to use and talk about, you can probably find a network marketing company that has those products.

The downside to network marketing is that it takes time to build a large team and therefore a large income. Because of this, for my home business, I pursue a combination of affiliate marketing and network marketing. This allows me to earn larger commissions from affiliate sales now while building a large residual income with a network marketing program. It’s the best of both worlds and allows me to live the life of an itinerant grandpa, travelling back and forth between extended families, still making a great living while I’m on the road.

If you’d like to know more about how that works, I’d be glad to tell you about it.

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