Hi. My name is Steve Norris.

I turned 58 in June of 2016. I weighed 216.8. For a guy who only stands between 5’8″ and 5′ 9′, that’s a lot of weight.

So I did what most folks do when they decide they need to get back to a healthier weight: I joined a gym and started paying attention to what I ate.

And this worked, to a degree.

On November 18th, 2016 I was down to 204.4 pounds. I’d lost 12.4 pounds in 5 months.

That’s about .6 pounds per week. Not horrible, but I was still a long way from my goal.

Then the “magic” happened…

In early November, a friend told me about a “magic” coffee he was using to lose weight.

I liked the stories I saw about people getting results from it, so I decided to try it.

I started using the coffee, one cup per day, on November 18th.

To test whether the coffee was actually providing any actual benefit, I stopped going to the gym.

The first thing I noticed was that I just wasn’t hungry throughout the day like I had always been. I’ve been a “grazer” for years, constantly nibbling on something.

From the first day of using Lean Java Bean, I found I just wasn’t hungry in the way I was always used to being.

Better yet, I didn’t have the cravings for cookies and muffins and the like.

It was pretty cool.

Best yet, it actually tasted good!

Since it is powdered coffee, I was afraid it would taste like some nasty instant coffee, but it doesn’t. It’s good.

Best tasting coffee I’ve ever had?

No. But pretty darn good and way better than I expected it to taste.

So to cut to the chase…

During the 6 weeks between November 18 and December 30, I lost 11.8 pounds.

So watching what I ate and going to the gym resulted in 12.4 pounds lost in 5 months and using this “magic” coffee resulted in losing 11.8 pounds in 6 weeks.

That’s 1.97 pounds per week using the coffee and .6 pounds per week using diet and exercise.

Not only that, my waist has gone from a 38 to a 35 and I’m sizing down pants for the second time.

Does this coffee work? It absolutely did for me.

Maybe it will for you, too.

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